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Our Most Popular Product

One of our more popular products is our Wichita CBD tinctures. The nice thing with tinctures is their ability to be used without experiencing the psychoactive qualities you feel when using marijuana.

Biggest Use is Pain Relief

One of the biggest uses of our Wichita CBD tinctures and oils is to aid in pain relief. There have been several studies that show CBD holds anti-inflammatory properties, making it incredibly beneficial in treating both chronic conditions and acute pain, like a pulled tendon or muscle.

Some use for Anxiety Relief

Tinctures have also been found to help with anxiety disorders as well as OCD. While there are stipulations about whether or not CBD can help with insomnia or is actually keeping an individual awake, we do know that it does bring about a sense of calm and balance.

Why Purchase from Nice Guys Enterprises?

When you purchase Wichita CBD tinctures and oil for pain relief from Nice Guys you can rest easy knowing all of our products are of the highest quality. To ensure our customers get only the best, we partner with the best. Tinctures are typically taken in small doses due to the high concentration, so all of ours come with a built-in dropper, helping our customers to measure out the right amount for their specific needs. Our Wichita RX Isolate CBD tinctures can also be easily added into liquids, and some common drinks include tea or coffee, while foods can include soup or noodles. The taste of tinctures can sometimes be too potent for some individuals, so adding in a carrier oil can help to cut down or improve the taste.

Nice Guys is your leading supplier of quality and high-grade Wichita RX Isolate CBD tinctures. We understand the want for products that are both ethically sourced and made, and that is where we come in! If you have any questions regarding tinctures, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help!

Amazing people who actually know their stuff. I 100% recommend them to anyone for all CBD needs! They’re the best in the business!

Briana Dawn Beavers

Quality Products Shipped to Your Door!

Great products and their staff takes great care of me and my needs! Very knowledgable and friendly….will answer ALL your questions!

Rachel Bistline

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