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CBD Topicals and Rubs

Our Wichita Hemp RX salves and topicals are easy to use and convenient to apply directly to the area of discomfort

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CBD Topicals and  Rubs

Advanced Protection for Skin

CBD Topicals, salves or rubs are used to advance the protection and healing of the skin. While this kind of CBD product is still relatively new to the market, they continue to find popularity among those who use it. Rather than orally taking CBD and waiting for it to move throughout the body, our Wichita Hemp RX salves, topicals, and CBD pain relief rubs allow you to provide relief right at the source of where pain may be occurring

Benefits of CBD Rubs

While there is a short supply of human research for CBD rubs and salves, there are dozens of self-reported instances where customers say how beneficial CBD has been in their daily lives. Everything from muscle pain relief to inflammation reduction.

How Much should you use?

In association with the lack of human research, it can be unknown to many just how much of a product you should be putting on your skin. Our Wichita Hemp RX salves and topicals can vary in concentration, so it is best to start with 3 applications a day and then adjust depending on how your body responds. Our team at Nice Guys Enterprises is always available to answer questions and address concerns about “how much is too much” when it comes to our CBD rubs.

Why HempRX for your CBD Products?

With Nice Guys, you are receiving products that are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. We have nothing to hide from you, and we want you to get exactly what you are paying for; quality CBD rubs.

If you are ready to try something new, Nice Guys Enterprises has the Wichita Hemp RX salves and topicals for you. Our CBD pain relief rubs and products are only made from the best because we want our customers to have the best. Interested in learning more about how CBD oil products can play a role in your life? Contact us today!

Amazing people who actually know their stuff. I 100% recommend them to anyone for all CBD needs! They’re the best in the business!

Briana Dawn Beavers

Quality Products Shipped to Your Door!

Great products and their staff takes great care of me and my needs! Very knowledgable and friendly….will answer ALL your questions!

Rachel Bistline

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